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When people use Google to find companies like yours, you want to be at the top of the list, right? Of course you do. It means more ready-to-buy customers hitting your site, which means more sales. So let’s talk about dominating Google’s rankings. Check out our SEO services.

  • Search Engine Marketing in AustraliaGoogle best practices
  • Bonfire provides digital marketing in PerthFast Ranking Results
  • seo-keywordsKeywords that deliver
  • seo-formulaEvolving formula
  • seo-actmanagerDedicated account manager
  • seo-expUnmatched experience

Originally we had our SEO through another local SEO company then moved to Bonfire after 3 months.

Our online campaign (with Bonfire) has currently doubled our turnover.   We have the appearance of a much larger presence because we are perfectly positioned on Google.  With Adwords and SEO working together – we are set for a great year !!

Tamy Mahoney

Google Adwords

Imagine switching on an almost instant stream of customers. Qualified customers. Ready to buy. That’s what Google AdWords ads are all about. And the best bit is, you only pay when they click through to your website. Get the inside track on our search engine marketing expertise.

  • adwords-focusedFocused on conversion
  • adwords-targetedHighly targeted
  • adwords-first1st page exposure
  • adwords-flexibleFlexible Campaigns
  • Search Engine Marketing in AustraliaGoogle Certified
  • adwords-rapidRapid results

Not only have we seen a 400 per cent increase in sales since the beginning of the campaign, we've also managed to cement our market position, despite increased competition. Bonfire’s account management is great and always on the ball.

Paul Chapman Catmax


So people are visiting your website. What then? Your site needs to look good, but it also has to work hard – for you and your customers. It has to convert passive visitors into paying clients. That’s the key to truly great website design. Just ask our web design team at Bonfire, Australia's leading digital marketing agency.

Bonfire is a leading digital marketing agency based in Perth that has been providing search engine marketing services throughout Australia since 1996... this makes us Australia's most experienced online marketing company.

  • web-searchSearch engine ready
  • web-mobileMobile ready
  • web-fastFast and reliable
  • web-intuitiveIntuitive
  • web-wordpressWordpress CMS
  • web-impactProfessional and impactful

Bonfire have done a great job building the new Matera Waste and Matera3 websites. The websites don't only look good, but are really easy for our team to maintain… Our customers and partners reckon they're awesome.

Peter Matera Matera Waste


  • icon-boostBoost Conversion
  • icon-buildBuild your brand
  • icon-repeatFrequency = Success
  • icon-leverageLeverage your marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing in AustraliaGoogle’s display network
  • adwords-targetedTargeted Advertising

What if you could keep promoting your brand and products to visitors after they’ve left your website? Not only an invaluable branding exercise, but a sure fire way to improve the conversion of all your marketing efforts, both online and off. That’s exactly what remarketing can do for you!

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