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Bonfire roll out anti-fraudulent software to improve PPC campaigns

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9th April 2018 in

In December 2017, we introduced a 3rd party software as part of our AdWords process to prevent fraudulent clicks and boost PPC campaigns. The results speak for themselves.

With more and more businesses trying to compete within the digital space, we know how imperative it is to minimise your AdWords spend while staying ahead of your competitors.

ClickCease is a tool used to prevent fraudulent clicks on adverts. By adding a small code to the advertisers’ website and to their AdWords account, we can enable tracking, IP blocking and set thresholds tailored to each client’s campaign.

By integrating this tool as part of our clients’ AdWords campaigns, we can monitor activity, detect fraudulent clicks and bots, and tailor a response. The software’s autodetection feature allows us to identify IP addresses and devices with multiple, invalid clicks and automatically block them from seeing more ads. In the last 3 months alone, we were able to save nearly $91,000 in fraudulent clicks during the trial phase for 10 of our clients’ campaigns.

Automatic refund claims mean we can file requests every 2 months for AdWords credit without having to lift a finger. In addition to saving considerable click spend, the data analysis provided allows us to optimise campaigns to target legitimate traffic and significantly increase performance.

Since implementing this software on Bonfire’s own Adwords campaign and 10 of our clients’ campaigns, we have been able to save an additional $4,000 in fraudulent clicks. The upcoming months will see this tool rolled out across all our AdWords campaigns thanks to the positive results and financial ROI achieved for our clients.

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