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Furniture Bazaar

Furniture Bazaar, facing challenges with market positioning and traditional marketing measurement, pivoted to a digital, data-driven strategy with help from the team at Bonfire. Their strategic overhaul included Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), digital advertising and above-the-line programmatic activity to better measure and attribute return on investment (ROI). Furniture Bazaar’s new approach led to significant sales growth and increased website traffic, engagement and conversion rates.

  • 92%

    increase in Online Sales Revenue year-on-year.

  • 23%

    increase in Website Traffic year-on-year.

  • 11%

    increase in Branded Search year-on-year.

Results from September 2023 to February 2024.


Furniture Bazaar, a Western Australian-owned furniture retailer, was at a critical juncture amidst an increasingly competitive landscape. Predominantly reliant on traditional marketing avenues such as bus, billboard, radio and television advertising, the brand faced significant challenges in quantifying the ROI of its marketing spend. The brand’s positioning as a mid-market and WA-exclusive retailer also made it difficult to carve out a distinct identity amidst a sea of national, big-budget competitors.


To bridge the gap with its national competitors and elevate brand awareness, Furniture Bazaar embarked on a full-funnel digital strategy leveraging Bonfire’s unique bottom-up channel approach. The initial phase of the campaign focused on customer acquisition with the roll-out of an SEO strategy, and Google Search and Shopping ads to capture those customers who were already actively in-market and researching furniture.

Meta and YouTube Ads were then introduced, using the insights gathered from the customer acquisition phase, to target customers who weren’t as far along on their buying journey. The goal was to get this audience familiar with the Furniture Bazaar brand and add to the number of potential customers interacting with our Google Ad and SEO campaign.

The next phase of the strategy saw Furniture Bazaar shift from traditional out-of-home, TV, and radio advertising to an exclusively digital programmatic solution for these channels. These new placements not only improved Furniture Bazaar’s ability to measure and attribute ROI to their above-the-line campaigns but also allowed for the use of advanced targeting to reach more relevant audiences. This pivot included the use of Broadcast Video on Demand (BVOD) and digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, marking a significant step towards a fully integrated digital strategy for the brand.

Running parallel to these developments, the SEO strategy for Furniture Bazaar continued to evolve, playing an increasingly important role in supporting the mid- to upper-funnel advertising efforts.


The adoption of a full-funnel digital strategy and precise audience targeting led to significant online sales growth—92% year-on-year. Overall website traffic also increased 23% and branded searches increased 11%, year-on-year.

The continual expansion of Furniture Bazaar’s SEO strategy also led to significantly higher organic search visibility and directly impacted sales growth. These improvements underscore the efficacy and ROI of Furniture Bazaar’s digital-first approach, marking a successful shift from traditional placements to digital-only advertising.

The next steps for Furniture Bazaar include exploring further advancements in programmatic advertising and deepening connections with customers through personalised targeting to drive sustainable growth in the competitive furniture retail market.

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