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Furniture Bazaar

WA owned and operated furniture retailer Furniture Bazaar source only from top quality suppliers throughout Australia and around the world. To grow their business, they partnered with Bonfire to refresh their organic search strategy.

  • 300%

    Increase in new organic users for the ‘bar stools’ page, year on year

  • 88%

    Growth in organic traffic from “near me” search queries

  • 85%

    Campaign keywords ranking on Page 1 of Google

Results as of January 2020.


In 2019, Furniture Bazaar challenged Bonfire to develop a fresh approach that would stimulate business growth, both through their online store and their bricks and mortar outlets. In particular, they wanted to improve their keyword rankings, tap into hyper-local search activity, and grow non-branded website traffic.


Bonfire conducted a thorough review of Furniture Bazaar’s organic search performance using Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This revealed untapped opportunities to target store locations and product categories. We implemented on-page content optimisation to improve organic traffic of location pages, including new meta data and optimised content. In addition, user experience was improved by including imagery of the stores and links to product categories to increase the conversion rate. To drive new customers to the website, pages for specific product subcategories, such as “Bar Stools”, “Mattresses”, “Modular & Chaise Lounges” and “Recliner Lounges” were optimised.



Since partnering with Bonfire, Furniture Bazaar has experienced exponential growth online. The store location strategy increased the number of campaign keywords on page 1 of Google by 85.52% and grew organic traffic from search queries containing the phrase “near me” by 88% year on year. In addition, the product category strategy increased the ranking of “stool” related keywords by 94.9% on page 1 Google and increased the number of new users to the Bar Stools product page by an incredible 300% year on year. Furniture Bazaar has now successfully improved their brand awareness and attracted more customers both instore and online.

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