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Perth CPAP

Perth CPAP, a leading sleep apnea equipment provider in Western Australia, collaborated with Bonfire to amplify its market presence. Through targeted Paid Search, Google Shopping, and Meta Ads campaigns, they aimed to boost in-store visits and foster lasting customer relationships, while highlighting their commitment to exceptional service and diverse product offerings.

  • $500k

    Total revenue from Search campaigns

  • 201%

    Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Results from May 2023 to December 2023


Despite its strong position in Western Australia, Perth CPAP faced unique challenges. Their primary clientele, predominantly older, were less inclined towards online shopping, yet Perth CPAP needed to showcase their products digitally to encourage in-store visits.

Additionally, the task of reaching a younger demographic, who may not currently need CPAP solutions but could in the future, required a nuanced approach to brand awareness. The nature of their products, being medical aids, demanded an educational angle in marketing to effectively communicate with new and existing customers about the complexities of sleep apnea. Amidst this, Perth CPAP had to navigate competition from both specialised CPAP retailers and general pharmacies, making the need for a distinct and effective marketing strategy more critical than ever.


Bonfire’s strategy for Perth CPAP was multi-faceted and tailored to the unique challenges identified during our strategy sessions. We started the campaign by focusing on Paid Search and Google Shopping campaigns, optimising keywords and ad copy to target customers already aware of their CPAP needs. These campaigns were designed to drive online sales by harnessing existing demand.

The campaign was then expanded with local ad campaigns, specifically to boost in-store traffic and encourage bookings for consultations. Location-based targeting was used to attract potential customers preferring face-to-face interactions and personalised services.

In December 2023, Bonfire introduced Meta Ads. These visually engaging ads were perfect for seasonal messaging, like promoting travel CPAP machines and accessories. They played a crucial role in encouraging repeat purchases and introducing different product lines to customers through a new channel for the brand.

This comprehensive approach ensured Perth CPAP’s presence was felt across a broad audience spectrum, each with unique needs and shopping preferences.


The campaign for Perth CPAP, running from May to December 2023, achieved remarkable results. Our approach yielded a substantial 201.23% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) across all campaigns, with a noteworthy increase of 21% on ROAS for Search Ads, compared to previous campaigns.

Furthermore, these efforts translated into significant in-store traffic and consultation bookings, which was a key goal for Perth CPAP team.

The campaigns also successfully introduced new customer segments to the brand, helping to ensure a pipeline of future customers.

The total revenue attributable to PMAX, Google Shopping, and Google Search Ads over the campaign period exceeded $500,000, highlighting the successful integration of various digital marketing channels to drive both online and in-store sales.

The comprehensive and strategic approach taken by the Bonfire team for Perth CPAP has achieved the short-term goals of the brand and also set a robust foundation for sustained growth and market dominance.

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