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Perth Surgical Shoemakers

Wembley based Perth Surgical Shoemakers have established a reputation for providing tailored pedorthic products and services since 1984. As a specialist shoemaker, they sought Bonfire’s help to establish their brand presence online and attract more customers.

  • 39%

    Total organic traffic attributed to mobile devices

  • 17%

    Increase in goal completions, year on year

Results as of June 2019.


Perth Surgical Shoemakers wanted more customers to find and engage their services from their website. In particular, they were dissatisfied with the visibility of their website on Google, which they assumed was the root cause of low traffic and consequently, a lack of conversions. Determined to rectify these issues, they turned to Bonfire.


Bonfire’s search specialists identified an organic search strategy would be the most effective approach to achieve Perth Surgical Shoemakers digital marketing goals. An audit of their existing SEO campaigns uncovered several technical SEO issues including multiple indexing issues, duplicate content and incorrect title tags. The agency realigned the client’s geo-targeting to attract potential customers from across the Perth metropolitan area. In addition, a content strategy targeting high volume keywords related to orthopedic and custom-made shoes for both men and women was implemented. Lastly, Perth Surgical Shoemakers backlink profile was improved using a positive backlink strategy.

"Since we have been dealing with Bonfire I have found their approach to our online presence very professional and responsive. It is also evident that our web presence in the market has improved substantially in the last year leading to more awareness and a constant flow of new long term customers. Bonfire have definitely helped us to increase our market share and maintain our growth."
Andries Van Tonder, Owner of Perth Surgical Shoemakers


Together with Bonfire, Perth Surgical Shoemakers saw traffic improvements, increased site engagement, conversion increases and increased return on investment. Their organic traffic increased 8% year on year with 39% coming from mobile devices. The organic conversion rate also increased by 8%, with goal completions up by 17% year on year. Overall Perth Surgical Shoemakers have achieved outstanding results through their SEO campaigns.

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