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St John WA

Supplying the WA community with life-saving services for over 150 years, St John WA partnered with Bonfire to execute awareness campaigns to educate users and drive sales.

  • 320%

    Increase in organic traffic

  • 47%

    Increase in defibs sold

  • 26%

    Increase in app installs


When a situation is life threatening, every second counts. In 2021, WA recorded its worst ambulance ramping figures and a drop in emergency response times due to an under resourced and under pressure hospital system. As a result, St John tasked Bonfire with promoting its first aid training, first aid kits, first aid responder app, and Urgent Care Centres to build resilient communities and save lives in the absence of medical professionals.


First Aid Kits
After conducting a thorough market analysis and investigating search trends and ecommerce data, Bonfire were able to understand how consumers were searching. Bonfire recognised defibrillators (defibs) were just as important in saving lives as first aid kits. Bonfire developed a series of awareness campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to educate users on how a defib and first aid kit can save lives as well as promotional campaigns to drive sales for first aid kits and defibs.

First Aid Training
St John WA offer several accredited and non-accredited courses to teach people first aid and how to respond in an emergency. Using consumer behaviour data, Bonfire developed a series of Google Ad campaigns. By segmenting audiences, Bonfire were able to promote the right first aid course that met the needs of the consumer. Bonfire also developed a digital strategy that focused on educating parents on the importance of learning first aid to help their children in an emergency. Given the increases in video consumption in 2021, St John’s “Tiny Tots” video was promoted to new parents. To ensure this was a sustainable and cost effective strategy, Bonfire optimised page content to further increase this awareness, leading to an increase in organic traffic.

First Responder App
The St John First Responder app allows qualified first aiders in Western Australia to sign up and become a registered first responder. If a nearby emergency occurs, users will be notified and given the opportunity to assist until the ambulance arrives. Bonfire created segmented pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns across iOS and Android devices that promoted the app.

Urgent Care Centres
To relieve pressure on overburdened hospital ED’s it was important that the community was aware of St John’s urgent care centres. After conducting thorough research and analysis, Bonfire identified that people in certain locations were searching for local medical assistance but weren’t aware of St John’s Urgent Care centres as a service. In attempt to get these people using St John’s Urgent Care Centres, Bonfire formulated an on-page content strategy which encouraged people to attend their local Urgent Care Centre. Bonfire also created Google My Business listings for each Urgent Care Centre as well Google Search Ad and Google Display campaigns which promoted users’ local centre

“Since investing in Bonfire’s services in 2019, we have seen immense growth in our search results along with a more sophisticated approach to digital advertising. We have a strong trust in their ability and advice, and we look forward to achieving more with them in the future.”
Dylan Urquhart, Digital Marketing Specialist at St John WA


Bonfire executed a successful digital marketing strategy that has been transformative for St John. The results delivered unparalleled online exposure, traffic growth and high-quality enquiries.

First Aid Kits
The number of first aid kits sold increased by 3% YoY and the number of defibs sold increased by 47% YoY. The number of “defib” key phrases that St John rank for were up 1400 positions on Google YoY and organic traffic was also up a whopping 320% YoY.

First Aid Training & First Responder App
The number of first aid courses sold increased by 16% YoY and the number of app installs increased by 26% YoY.



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