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Checklist: How to migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS

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13th September 2017 in

Starting October 2017, Google have announced they will be showing a ‘Not Secure’ warning on any website containing a web form that’s loaded over HTTP, the unsecured version of the HyperText Transfer Protocol. To avoid these warnings, we’ve created a checklist to help you migrate your website from the unsecure HTTP to the secure HTTPS version.

The Google Chrome update means if you’re still using HTTP and have a newsletter, sign up or web form of any kind on your website, you will be affected.

Web users are more conscious of security than ever before. Accordingly, the ‘Not Secure’ labelling could reduce the number of enquiries and conversions on your website. You’re also missing out on the ranking benefit of using HTTPS.

Google have strongly recommended transitioning from a ‘not-secure’ HTTP, to a fully-secure HTTPS website before the October deadline – a process we’ve already started for our website clients.

Feel free to use our guide below for your own reference, or share it with your web developer to ensure your site isn’t left behind.

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