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SEO Melbourne

Performance driven SEO campaigns.

  • 50+ of Australia's leading digital performance specialists in one local agency.
  • Trusted by Australia's leading brands, but proudly partnering many smaller ones with big aspirations.
  • Western Australia's leading independent Google Partner (accredited by Google).
  • Proud winners of numerous industry awards including Digital Agency of the Year 2021.

Without a doubt, Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial component of any business strategy. When done well, SEO improves your bottom line and company success. Digital marketers need to adapt to an ever-changing search landscape to even remain competitive in the SEO space, let alone dominate it. Bonfire’s in-house team of SEO experts are the best in their field. We practice what we preach. We stay up to date with key industry data and constantly adapt the way that we work, not only hold ourselves to international standards but to define them.

Focused on your ROI

SEO results should mean tangible bottom-line results. That’s why we don’t focus on vanity metrics like “rankings and traffic”, we focus on your return on investment (ROI). The specialist team at Bonfire have developed a refined and data-driven methodology. This methodology consistently outperforms the industry benchmark and has successfully brought exceptional results to a number of our Melbourne SEO clients and businesses Australia wide. Our client case studies and Google reviews are proof.

Backed by Google as a Premier Partner, the highest accreditation in the Google Partners program. There is no better SEO company to trust with your digital marketing spend.

Tailored to your business

Strategy and execution are the two factors that are fundamental to Bonfire’s results driven approach to SEO. Tailored to your business, our SEO services not only grow your online presence but also integrate with your overall marketing plan, ensuring that we bring the greatest return on investment to your business.

Every client that we have is different. That’s why our SEO consultants spend time getting to know your business, competitors, goals and the market you exist in. We make sure that we understand what is valuable to your business. With our dedicated research team, we make sure all of this happens even before you have engaged our services.

Once we have taken the time to align our focus and agree on success metrics with you, our team of specialists work to bring your tailored SEO strategy to life. Coupled with our proprietary mix of analytics and optimisation tools, your business will have one of Australia’s most advanced search marketing teams working to build a foundation for your company’s success online. You’ll have access to an award-winning technical team, coupled with a dedicated account manager who will keep you up to date every step of the way.

LA Fit Studio

LA Fit Studio owners, Jaye and Claire, know a thing or two about transformation. After they introduced Lagree Fitness to WA, they engaged with our team at Bonfire.

See Full Case Study

Video Case Study

Watch our LA Fit Studio case study.

  • 68%

    Increase in website conversions, year on year.

  • 35%

    Organic traffic growth, year on year.

  • 50%

    Keywords featured on Page 1 of Google.


Family owned and run, Swoodi is an eCommerce store that specialises in the sale of multi-use hooded towels for kids Australia-wide. The brand’s collection features fun and colourful prints designed for kids on the go.

See Full Case Study
  • 174%

    Increase in sale revenue.

  • 364%

    Increase in website, year on year.

  • 119%

    Increase in total orders, year on year.

InterContinental Perth City Centre

In the lead up to their newest hotel opening, the InterContinental Perth City Centre have decided to get a head-start on their digital marketing strategy, and have chosen our team to lead the way.

See Full Case Study
  • 1.

    Increase hotel bookings and room reservations online.

  • 2.

    Attract both national and international business travelers.

  • 3.

    Promote the use of their corporate and bespoke event spaces.

A1 Locksmiths

Owners Ray and Leslie have provided residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services to Perth’s metropolitan region for over 25 years. To maintain their position as an industry leader, A1 Locksmiths partnered with Bonfire in 2016.

See Full Case Study

Video Case Study

Watch our A1 Locksmiths case study.

  • 101%

    Increase in website conversions

  • 50%

    Keywords appearing in the first three positions on Page 1 of Google.

  • 79%

    Number of first-time website visitors.

The Cake Factory

Australian owned and operated, The Cake Factory bake and sell delicious cakes, cheesecakes, cookies and more. To grow their business, they partnered with Bonfire to improve their brand footprint online and grow sales.

See Full Case Study
  • 78%

    Search traffic is organic.

  • 19/20

    Keywords ranking on Page 1 of Google.

  • 76%

    Tagged calls have included the tag "Order".

What we do is not our best practice, it simply is the best practice. At Bonfire, we set realistic client expectations upfront and our approach to SEO focuses on your bottom line. With our tailored, data driven approach, we deliver sustainable, bottom line business growth. Working together, we’re here to help you dominate SEO and grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the ranking of your business in Google’s organic results, increasing the number of visitors that you have on your website. When done well, SEO improves your bottom line by providing you with an always-on online presence that brings in ready-to-buy customers who are searching for your products and services.

At Bonfire, we pride ourselves on our data-driven SEO methodology, which we believe sets the benchmark for SEO companies in Melbourne and Australia wide.

There are a number of SEO agencies out there who don’t play fair. These agencies often use illicit techniques in an attempt to manipulate search engines. These techniques, and the SEO agencies that use them, should be avoided at all costs as they can cause long term damage to your online presence. This damage can take months to recover from and the lost revenue during this time can be worth thousands, hence why it’s important to pick the right SEO agency from the start.

To avoid getting locked into a contract with one of ‘these’ SEO agencies, Google has provided a guideline to follow when selecting an SEO company. These are the steps Google recommends brands take when choosing their SEO provider:

  1. Conduct a two-way interview – take the opportunity to ‘interview’ the SEO agency when you meet with them. Ask relevant questions to ensure they’re sincerely interested in you and the success of your business.
  2. Check their references – Any SEO company can talk a good game, but reviews and results speak louder than words. Ask the agency for a list of clients who you can talk to about their experience with the agency. If they can’t offer this, you should be cautious.
  3. Request an audit – a good agency does their homework. Ask them to complete an audit on your current site. Ask them to identify any potential website issues and how they suggest you improve on them, as well as what impact these changes are expected to have on your digital campaign.
  4. Check with your team –before deciding on an SEO agency, make sure that all of your internal stakeholders are on board. Sit down and discuss with the other decision makers within your business whether they think this agency is a good choice.

In addition to the hiring process recommendations, here are a few useful insights on SEO basics as well as common misconceptions.

  1. “SEO is not black magic” – SEO isn’t magic and it won’t work overnight. If an agency is promising instant rankings, run, as they’re likely to be engaging in bad SEO practices – which could cause irreversible long term damage to your domain and could greatly affect your digital standing with Google.
  2. SEO suggestions should align with google best practices – with any strategy recommendations provided ask the SEO to corroborate them with supporting documents from Google such as an article from Google’s help centre, or Google’s response in their forum or video.
  3. Good SEO aims to improve the searchers’ entire experience – any recommended changes shouldn’t impede on the overall user experience of your site. Good SEO aims to not only create a search friendly site, but also a user-friendly site.
  4. Quality SEOs will be genuinely invested in your business – they will be interested in learning about your business from a holistic stand point and will genuinely care about your business goals, customers and other existing marketing efforts. If an SEO agency doesn’t care about these things, you can’t rely on them to grow your business.
  5. Good SEO takes time – There are a lot of components in a good SEO strategy, and unfortunately there are no magic tricks that will make them work faster. Allow 4 months to a year to start seeing real search results from strategy implementation.
  6. An SEO’s potential is only as high as the quality of your business or website – you can’t build a home without a solid foundation. The same goes for SEO. Investing in a user-friendly website will significantly help your SEO strategy.

Typically, SEO prices reflect both the level of expertise of the agency and the amount of time that they will spend on your campaign.

While we recognise that cost is obviously important, the end goal of SEO is to generate a positive return for your business – so it’s important to select an SEO company that has the experience and a strong track record of generating results.

The problem with focusing on price to make your decision, is that you often end up with SEO agencies that outsource a large amount of their work or operate at a loss to establish themselves and win new business.

We’ve seen countless examples of ‘cheap’ SEO campaigns. The long-term cost of them on your business can be huge. Recovering from a penalty or fixing past mistakes can often take months of work and the lost revenue during this time can be worth thousands to a business owner. That’s why we emphasise picking the right agency from the start.

Our SEO packages vary depending on the size of your campaign. At Bonfire, our primary focus is on your return on investment. Regardless of the campaign size. Our SEO experts have over 20 years of experience. They have thousands of campaigns under their belt and have generated a real-world impact on the bottom line of businesses across a wide range of industries. We encourage you to read reviews, do your research and make an informed decision before proceeding with any Melbourne SEO company.

SEO isn’t magic and it won’t work overnight. SEO is a mid-to-long term strategy that is designed to assist in generating higher Google search rankings. Rather than immediacy of results the key to SEO is consistency and quality. This calculated approach helps your business get ahead of your competitors in Google search results.

Whilst in some unique cases immediate rankings are possible, most clients can expect positive movement in rankings for select keywords after the 4th month. From there, after month 4 to 12, the results across all selected keywords in your campaign start taking shape.

Through using a calculated, long term approach, Bonfire’s team of SEO Specialists have a track record of consistently delivering on campaigns and driving a positive ROI on search results over the mid-to-long term.

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