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Our Approach

The Bonfire Way

Over several years, we have developed a fine-tuned and proven strategic approach to digital marketing. It is as critical to your business success as it is ours. Organic in nature, it is forever evolving and refined to accommodate the unique nuances of changing technologies, environments and markets. The Bonfire way means we are constantly testing, optimising and re-engineering our methods to achieve the greatest possible results for our clients.

Formula for Success

In simple terms, the secret formula for Bonfire’s success is a potent combination of Process + Smarts + Analysis + Tools. It is this carefully curated mix that enables us to produce remarkable results for our clients at every level. Organic in nature, our approach is forever evolving and refined to accommodate the unique nuances of changing technologies, environments and markets. This means we’re constantly testing, optimising and re-engineering our way – The Bonfire Way.

Benefits of SEO


New technologies deliver levels of optimisation and refinement that are simply not feasible by humans. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), complex algorithms, predictive data analysis and process automation technology, our technical specialists achieve significantly higher campaign performance and deeper insights into results and return on investment (ROI). Even more importantly, our expertise is utilised in high-value activities like strategy, creative and analysis, rather than just number crunching and manual tasks.


In the digital age, data is at the core of business performance. Whether its research, execution or measurement, a deep understanding of critical data points is indispensable for modern marketing. Our agency has one of the most highly Google certified teams in Australia across all eight categories – Mobile Sites, Shopping, Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Ads, Display Advertising, Digital Sales and Google Analytics IQ. We’ve also invested heavily in analytical platforms to support our endless quest for actionable metrics. The right data means better results, higher performance and radical transparency in your strategy.


Our remarkable campaign performance is founded on a refined methodology. We believe optimal performance is the result of constant analysis, hypothesis, testing, and enhancement. Following this approach ensures our campaigns achieve the business goals of our clients. Our pursuit of digital excellence is never-ending.

Human Touch

All the cutting-edge technologies, processes and data mean very little without bright minds who know how to use them. We are proud to call some of Australia’s finest technical search specialists “our team”. Curated over years and trained to an elite level, they’re the catalyst behind our clients’ successes. Say hello to our team here.

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