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As Australia's premier footwear manufacturer and retailer, The Betts Group sets a high standard for retail in Australia and believe the online marketing campaigns for all of their brands should do the same.

Wanting to prove the value of SEO as a source of new visitors and sales to their new ecommerce stores, the company turned to Bonfire for assistance. Put simply they wanted us to deliver the following:

  • Enhance Betts Group’s  visibility in Google across all brands
  • Grow online revenue and drive SEO ROI
  • Increase the levels and quality of traffic to all websites
  • Improve CPA through the new ecommerce store/s
  • Prove the value of SEO as a precursor to the 2014/2015 budget review 

The SEO campaigns have produced dramatic increases in traffic, sales and revenue across all of Betts Group brands, including Betts, Betts Kids, and Airflex.

Campaign results
168% average revenue growth
139% average sales growth
72% average growth in traffic to ecommerce stores
Lead conversions have increased by 47%

Results as at 21st February 2014.

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We’ve been very pleased to see the performance lift in our SEO Traffic Stream.

It was also refreshing to work with an SEO company focused on proving the tangible business benefits of SEO.  We’re looking forward to working closely with Bonfire and our future growth in this area.

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