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Cosmetique is Australia’s leading cosmetic surgery clinic providing everyday Australians with exceptional cosmetic, medical and surgical services. After opening their Queensland branch, they partnered with Bonfire to successfully grow their business online.

Campaign Results
Keyword rankings have increased 2,198 positions in Google
Over 179% traffic increase since commencing the campaign
2,600 total conversions (7.2% Conversion Rate)
SEO drives 63% of total traffic and 77% of total conversions
15 Keywords in the First Page of Google (50% of agreed keywords)
816 total calls tracked and 661 calls tracked with a tag
139 calls tracked for their brand-new QLD branch alone
520 tracked calls contained “Booking” as a tag (79% of calls)

Results as of May 2018.

The Client:

Located in Western Australia and Queensland, Cosmetique is home to some of Australasia’s most experienced and highly trained Cosmetic Surgeons. Leaders in their respective fields, they are passionate about providing patients with cosmetic, medical and surgical services with care and professionalism. Their most popular treatments including laser hair removal, lip fillers, breast augmentation and dermal fillers.

The Process:

With an aim to enhance their brand visibility in Google and drive growth for the clinic, Cosmetique teamed up with Bonfire. Using their expertise in this space, Bonfire devised a dynamic digital strategy to increase the quality of traffic and generate new leads to the website. The strategy was developed around achieving three key goals:

  • Grow online presence
  • Increase quality of traffic
  • Generate new leads and enquiries

The Solution:

With these key objectives in mind, Bonfire was able to create a fresh strategy using search engine optimisation (SEO) to further develop the client’s digital presence. Since its implementation, Cosmetique has seen over 179% increase in traffic to their website. Their keyword rankings have increased by 2,198 positions, with 50% of their keywords positioned on the first page of Google. In April, we were able to implement call tracking which enabled us to gather data about the calls that were made to the clinic because of their SEO campaign. Over a 1-month period, a total of 816 calls were made and 79% of these were related to booking an appointment. This allowed us to identify with greater accuracy the number of leads that were generated not only through their website but over the phone too. With organic SEO driving 63% of their total traffic and 77% of their conversions, this campaign has achieved an incredible total of 2,600 conversions over a 7-month period.

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Bonfire has played a key role in building our online presence and since implementing our search engine marketing campaign in Nov 2017, we have seen a 179% increase in traffic. In the two months, we have been running Call Tracking, we have received 520 booking calls and our brand new QLD office has received over 139 calls. I would like to thank David and the team at Bonfire for providing us with a Search Strategy that is bringing us tangible results.

Cosmetique Management Team

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