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When we started talking to Sarah at Glass Boundaries, she was skeptical on how we could help their business.

Having been burned in the past by a company who performed negative SEO and ultimately got the website penalised by Google, Sarah had every reason to be concerned.

However, we stepped her through our process of overcoming penalties and we’re confident that we could help get the Glass Boundaries ranking strongly again.

We quickly got to work, always with Glass Boundaries’ goals in the back of our mind, which include:

  • Overcome the negative SEO completed by another company
  • Increase client contact/leads from their website

Thanks to combined SEO and AdWords campaigns, Glass Boundaries’ online presence has done and complete 360 and lead numbers have increased significantly.

Campaign results
Over 200 web enquiries received since start of campaigns
30 keywords on page 1
80% of website leads delivered by Adwords & SEO
Keywords increased up to 800 positions

Results as at 14th June 2016

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We had been with a different company who got our site penalised. However, since working with Bonfire we have been extremely happy with the recommendations Jenny and the team have provided and getting the site ranking again. Can definitely see an increase in leads and calls. In fact, October was the busiest month in quite a while.

Sarah Evans

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