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Isure are a professional indemnity insurance provider for independent contractors and consultants, however they realised their online client applications needed to increase in order to meet business goals...

That’s where Bonfire stepped in.

To put it simply, Isure wanted our Bonfire team to deliver the following:

  • + Improve Isure’s visibility in online search
  • + 150 sales per month within 12 months

Isure’s online presence has increased significantly and resulted in substantial revenue growth since the start of their campaign. Not only this, but they’ve also continued to achieve some impressive results over the years.

Campaign results
SEO contributes to 83% of website conversions
Since the same period last year, traffic increased by 44%
70% of agreed keywords are found on page 1 of Google

Results as of 13th January, 2017.

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Well done to all the team at Bonfire. In only 3 months, Isure has surged to the top of nearly all its chosen Google keywords and the sales results are there to see. The team at Bonfire has patiently taken us through the world of Digital Marketing and has delivered on its commitments.

Michael Lewin

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