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Rusty is synonymous with summer and surf. In fact, the company has been kitting out surfers with boards and surf wear in Australia and across the world since the mid 80's.

Rusty has recently undertaken an overhaul of it’s marketing efforts and increased the focus on digital.

It hopes to bridge the gap between engagement online and from in-store promotions across Australia.

We sat down with the Rusty team to discuss their options and we agreed that well-defined SEO campaigns were going to produce the best ROI.

Working together we aim to achieve:

Drive engagement with audiences online
Grow online revenue and drive SEO ROI
Increase organic rankings in competitive online clothing space

We’d like to thank the team at Rusty for engaging Bonfire to lead their digital marketing strategy between October 2015 and September 2016.

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Having recently invested in the Rusty online presence, we recognise SEO as an integral part of our digital marketing mix. We’re excited to have local agency Bonfire on board, they have the right track record, approach and people to help Rusty increase our online visibility and be part of an ongoing growth strategy which will complement our in-store offering.

Geoff Backshall Rusty Managing Director

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