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Select Fresh are one of Perth's leading suppliers of fresh produce to retailers, but they're keen to make their mark in the hospitality industry also.

In order to gain larger contracts, Select Fresh needed to increase their web presence. With Bonfire’s help, Select Fresh have a new website and SEO campaigns.

The goals of the SEO campaign includes:

  • + Build new relationships and large contracts in hospitality industry
  • Improve visibility in Google search to help achieve this

Through targeted SEO campaigns, Select Fresh’s online presence has increased significantly and they are well on the way to closing many new contracts that will provide substantial revenue growth.

Campaign results
SEO campaigns contribute almost 50% of overall traffic
Traffic has reached an all-time high
200+ leads received
SEO delivers over 80% of contact leads
All selected terms ranked # 1
Overall increase of over 1000+ positions

Results as at 14th June 2016

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Very happy with the results and have noted leads come through.

Mike Quinsee and Ian Fowler

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