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Being a signwriter, Ben at SignBiz WA understands the role marketing plays in growing a business. However, he had never considered digital activities to compliment his existing marketing efforts.

An in-depth discussion between Ben and our Digital Advisory team opened him up to the possibilities. Comprehensive research on the current sign writing market in Perth uncovered a number of opportunities in search engine optimisation for Sign Biz based on their goals, including:

  • + Use digital marketing to increase brand awareness with the intention to increase sales
  • + Increase Google rankings, traffic to the website and incoming leads

Within four months of beginning an SEO campaign with Bonfire and based on the fantastic results already being achieved, Ben chose to expand the campaigns even further. We’re pleased to share the following results; achieved in just one year.

Campaign results
~50 additional quotes per month since starting with SEO
Rankings have increased over 1,500 positions in Google
55% increase in organic traffic to the website
170 conversions attributed directly to organic traffic
Over 48% of conversions come from SEO
12 of the targeted keywords are now on page 1 of Google

Results as of 18th November 2016

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We now receive a lot more quotes for a-frames and corflute signs as a result of being in the top 3 in these key words. I would highly recommend Bonfire for SEO. We are really starting to see the results now and are quoting an extra 50 quotes per month as a result.

Ben Abbott Owner, SignBiz WA

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