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ADMA WA Guru Breakfast with Marcus Tesoriero

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13th August 2019 in

How is advertising evolving? Marcus Tesoriero, Executive Creative Director at The Brand Agency, spoke about the new era of creative problem-solving at this month’s ADMA WA Guru Breakfast.

Fraser’s Restaurant provided the perfect setting for 190 guests to learn about the importance of taking risks to earn audience attention. Using the Brand Agency’s award-winning Food Bank WA ‘Hungry Puffs’ campaign as an example, Marcus’ presentation focused on how brands could redefine their approach to advertising and the importance of creating social conversations and risk-taking.

1. Redefining Advertising

Learning how to adapt the way you engage with your audience requires lateral thinking. Gone are the days of great advertising being a pretty picture with a catchy slogan. Understanding how to create unique content across various mediums requires a problem-solving approach. Educating your client, working with them and involving them in the creative process will produce the best results.

Food Bank WA approached The Brand Agency to help increase donations for their 2018 Christmas food appeal campaign. Using creative problem solving the Brand Agency realised how important it was to capture audience attention at the right time and place. This resulted in the creation of the Hungry Puffs campaign, where empty $5 boxes of cereal with the tag “over 100,000 West Aussie kids eat Hungry Puffs” were sold in IGA supermarkets alongside popular breakfast brands. Not only was this campaign extremely successful for Food Bank WA but it’s also Western Australia’s most awarded campaign in the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity’s history.

2. Social Conversations

Brands that can make conversations in the wider community will generate the greatest cut through and exposure. This means creating social conversations is one of the most effective forms of advertising today.

Burger King’s Chief Marketing Officer Fernando Machado has proven the power of social conversation. The “OK, Google, what is the Whopper burger?” campaign caused internet chaos and the “Whopper Detour” campaign catapulted the Burger King app from No. 686 to No. 1 in the app store.

3. Risk-Taking

Educating clients about the benefits of taking creative risks and using unique problem-solving methods will help brands achieve better brand exposure.

Brands of the future need to have a higher purpose to make the world a better place. This means taking a social stand that is reflective of their beliefs and values.
Nike’s “Dream Crazy” campaign is a great example of risk-taking done well. The brand took a controversial stance by publicly supporting NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick when half of America was against him. Initially, this caused Nike sales to drop but once the campaign went viral, sales spiked.

Thank you to ADMA WA for organising the event, and Marcus for highlighting the importance of imaginative and groundbreaking thinking for brands and agencies alike.

Bonfire is a proud ADMA partner, if you’d like to attend future events click here.

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