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Bonfire Restores Glass Boundaries’ Faith in Digital Marketing

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19th November 2015 in

Being penalised by Google can cause major headaches for any business. But when it’s the result of the actions of your old marketing company, it really hurts.

This is what happened to Glass Boundaries. It’s understandable that they were skeptical about how Bonfire could help them overcome the penalties and get the website ranking strongly again.

However, we were confident we could achieve this. Thanks to combined SEO and AdWords campaigns, Glass Boundaries’ online presence has done a complete 360.

  • 220% increase in organic traffic
  • 6 keywords ranked on page 1
  • 80% of website leads delivered by Adwords & SEO
  • 88 web enquiries received since start of campaign
  • Keywords have increased 825 position

Sarah at Glass Boundaries tells us that October was their busiest month in a long time. What a difference strong SEO methods and effective advertising can make.

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