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Bonfire’s Hayley Boneham and Johari Lanng Will Be Speaking at this Year’s State of Social

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8th August 2022 in

Bonfire’s Head of Marketing, Hayley Boneham and Performance Analytics Product Lead, Johari Lanng will be joining State of Social ‘22 on the 23 and 24 August. Celebrating its 5th year, Boneham and Lanng will join an eclectic line-up of speakers including Vincenzo Landino, Adam Ferrier, David Ray, Myles Pollard and Jennie Sager across the two-day event.

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Day 1: Understanding Consumer Motivations: The Key to Successful Marketing Campaigns with Hayley Boneham (pictured left).
Coke is just a soft drink. Vans are just skate shoes. Levi’s are just jeans. Yet consumers go out of their way to buy these brands. Why are people willing to pay more money for the same thing? In this 30 minute break – out session, Boneham discusses how understanding consumer motivations can help you be more successful with your marketing campaigns.

Day 2: How Data Can Help You Become a More Empathetic Marketer with Johari Lanng (pictured right).
Data and analytics are often seen as tools to measure cold, hard performance. But what happens if we redefine “performance” to include building a meaningful relationship with your users? Join Lanng in his deep dive on how web analytics can help us better understand the challenges that everyday people experience and build better solutions that work for everyone.


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