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Call Tracking: The efficient way to improve your digital marketing ROI

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15th January 2018 in

In September 2017, we introduced call tracking as part of our service offerings to increase the return on investment (ROI) of our clients’ online marketing strategies.

Call tracking allows us to collect useful information about the phone calls made across all our clients’ digital channels. This includes data on the number of calls, call duration, call time of day and location, paid search landing page performance, conversions, the number of missed calls, plus much more.

By integrating call tracking with our agency analytics dashboard, which we use to monitor all our clients’ digital activity, we’re able to easily identify trends and make appropriate recommendations. For example, if a client has a consistently large volume of missed calls at 3pm on Wednesday’s from campaign A, we would suggest either pausing campaign A’s paid search or that the client allocate more employees to answer calls during this day/time period.

We can also view how many first-time or repeat callers there are, and whether they have reached us via organic or paid search advertising, amongst other valuable data. As a result, we can advise our clients on how to adjust their AdWords campaigns (e.g. change messaging or budget allocation) to reduce the risk of missed leads and increase their overall return on investment (ROI).

Since implementing call tracking software, CallRail, we have monitored over 5,200 calls across 43 of our clients. Any call that is not answered or diverted to a message bank is considered a missed call. Our statistics have revealed that 11% of calls made to our clients are missed, which means 11% of customers ready to convert are lost. To reduce this percentage, we help our clients identify and remedy areas for improvement (e.g. set up a message bank).

In some cases when looking at individual businesses, we have seen the missed call rate as high as 24%!

Due to this increased data visibility, call tracking is a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their digital marketing efficiency and as a result their bottom line.

Our key call tracking tips are:

  • Setup a message bank to reduce the number of missed calls.
  • If you notice consistent patterns between the number of missed calls and the time or day on a campaign:
    • Turn off/reduce the budget for any paid adverts during times or days with a high volume of missed calls
    • Make sure you have an adequate number of staff manning phones during peak periods

What are your thoughts on call tracking? Do you believe it can help improve the performance of your paid search campaigns?

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