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‘Data-Driven Marketing for Businesses Online’ CCIWA Event Recap

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23rd February 2021 in

Last Wednesday evening, Bonfire’s Senior Digital Advisors presented at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (CCIWA) Member Connect event to some of Perth’s business leaders.

Our Digital Advisors, David Sierakowski, Alex Gavalas, and Evan Dela-Grammaticas talked about how to use data to power your marketing strategy and gave practical tips for measuring the effectiveness of your strategy online.  Key takeaways from the event:

1. Getting Close to your Numbers: Planning and Setting Expectations

Before moving forward with a digital marketing strategy, a business must undertake an in-depth review of essential sales data, target audience, and long-term business goals.

2. Viability: Understanding Why Digital is the Best Solution for Your Business

Clearly articulating why digital is the best strategy for a business will provide better clarity during the planning, implementation and review and analysis phases. Understanding the finer details involved in a digital marketing strategy can empower professionals to comprehend how their financial investment translates into reaching business goals.

3. Track, Refine, Report

Following a digital marketing campaign, it is integral to have a firm grasp of the primary metrics across major referral channels like Google, Facebook, SEO, and phone inquiries to see effective value in the final analysis and apply learnings in future campaign design.

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