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Facebook Releases Analytics for Instagram Accounts and Advanced Analytics for Facebook Pages

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29th November 2018 in

On the first of November, Facebook announced the rollout of an Analytics tool for Instagram Accounts and further Advanced Analytics capabilities for Facebook Pages.

These exciting new updates will allow marketers and business owners to more accurately measure the effectiveness of their social media strategy. They will gain a deeper understanding of how audiences are engaging with their brand, much further than just a ‘like’ or ‘comment’.

As most marketers and business owners have essentially (and frustratingly) been flying blind when it comes to measuring the true effectiveness an Instagram post/story and Facebook Page has on a user, the new advanced analytics tools really are a social media game-changer.

So, How Does This Release Impact Your Business?

Well, now with the ability to measure engagement from Instagram Analytics and Facebook Pages, businesses and marketers alike will have a broader view of the impact their page and posts have on their audience. This advantage gives both business owners and marketing professionals the ability to see how effective a social post or campaign was under the surface of a ‘like’, ‘view’ or ‘comment’ for Instagram users, and for Facebook Pages; a better insight into Post Impression, Page follow/unfollow and Page like/unlike.

In a statement released by Facebook’s Product Manager, Josh Twist, Advanced Analytics for Facebook Pages now allows the user to “…create new audience segments of people who engage in certain ways, track funnel conversion from social engagement to purchase, compare audience demographics by channel and activity, and more”. A big step, having previously provided users with the ability to create segments and analyse performance at a post level.

Both releases provide businesses with a deeper insight into the behaviour of their audiences, allowing them to adjust their current strategy accordingly, or tailor an ongoing solution based on the effectiveness of their previous campaign. In short, it means more in-depth data uncovering how your business is performing on social media, and in turn more return on investment from your business’s future social media strategy.

How Does Your Business Get Access?

According to Facebook, access to both Advanced Analytics for Facebook Pages and Instagram Analytics will be rolled out over the next few months. Users will be notified through both an email and a notification on the Facebook Analytics Dashboard when these beta features are available, so stay tuned!

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