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Filter, create & explore consumer behaviours with Google’s Consumer Barometer

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4th April 2018 in

Wish you could understand how people across the world use the internet? Well, Google has designed the ultimate interactive tool to advance your digital strategy.

Covering more than 50 countries and 20 product categories, the Consumer Barometer is an online marketing tool that details consumer behaviour. The aim is to collate insights into how consumers make purchasing decisions, so marketing experts can identify trends and create successful campaigns.

Whether you’re looking to create your own custom graphs, compare trends, explore your audience or discover new insights, the Consumer Barometer is the ideal tool for you.

Read below to find out more about the Consumer Barometer’s abilities and the advantages it can provide your business.

Graph Builder
Understand how the world is using the internet by creating your own custom analysis chart. Choose between countries, demographics, devices and much more to create a graph specific to your search query.

Trended Data
Compare trends across the world and see how they have evolved over time. Explore trended data from 2012 until today to see how the percentage of people using the internet has advanced.

Audience Stories
Learn more about consumers by exploring the lives of your intended audience. From Brand Advocates to The Millennials, the Consumer Barometer answers key questions about every consumer. Providing you with a detailed snapshot of your target audience.

Curated Insights
Recognise why, when and how people across the world use the internet and explore the role the internet plays in their journey from consideration to purchase.

Exploring and understanding the experience of a consumer plays a significant part in generating online search traffic and conversions. By combining research, industry experience and local knowledge, you’re on the right path to creating campaign success.

With the help of the Consumer Barometer, Australian business owners and marketing professionals can identify and create custom analysis’ suitable to their needs. By having an online tool that is accessible, easy to use and provides real-time data, understanding consumer behaviour has become easier than ever before.

Ready to dive into a world of data and opportunity? Click here to explore the Consumer Barometer.

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