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Gage Roads Brewing Co. Sures up Market Position with Bonfire Engagement

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25th August 2020 in

The craft beer market is on a meteoric rise. New brands and styles popping up almost weekly. So, one of WA’s original and most recognised craft brewery’s, Gage Roads Brewing Co, turned to Bonfire to sure up their market position digitally.

Setting up shop in an old margarine factory near Fremantle back in 2002, Gage Roads is one of WA’s great craft beer stories. With a brewed “Brewed by Fussy Bastards” ethos, the brewery took on the huge beer players in the market and won.

Fast forward almost 20 years and the beer market has radically changed. With more sophisticated beer drinkers and a myriad of choices by “up and coming” brewers, maintaining brand awareness and market share is more challenging than ever.

With many lessons learned over the COVID period, the brewery engaged Bonfire’s digital expertise to help diversify distribution, and sure up their brand awareness.

“We realised that getting our digital right was critical for moving the Gage Roads’ brands forward. Bonfire’s experience in digital customer acquisition and brand building made the engagement an obvious choice.” said Gage Roads’ Brand Lead, Rebecca Lauchlan.

We’re excited for the opportunity to help Gage Roads grow their business in a tough market.” said Bonfire’s Senior Digital Advisor, Evan Dela-Grammaticas.

It’s been a momentous week for Gage Roads, recently announcing the establishment of a new micro-brewery at Fremantle’s Victoria Quay.

“What an opportunity! Most of our team have enjoyed a Gage Roads beer or two over the years. They’re excited to be working with such a successful WA brand to help them forge forwards digitally.” shared Bonfire CEO, Clay Cook.

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