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Google December 2020 Core Update

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10th December 2020 in

Google announced its third broad core algorithm update for 2020 via Twitter last Thursday, 3 December.

Google Search Tweet - Core Update

Considering the significant gap between this update and the May 2020 core update, many search data specialists have identified signals that lead them to believe this update will be quite impactful to the SEO industry.

What does this update involve?

Following mixed reviews from the broad core update earlier this year in January, there is speculation that this update will provide the much-needed uplift to many websites.

Search Engine Land has already identified fluctuations in rank in specific industries, including health, real estate, travel, and finance. Substantial shifts in page rank are appearing with a direct linkage to quality and relevancy of content. As with all broad core updates, changes are released gradually over a wide variety of areas meaning the true effect may not be apparent for some time.

How do you or marketers prepare for the update?

Promoting relevant and quality content is a key goal of Google’s search platform. This update will reassess the criteria applied in earlier updates and its impacts to overall ranking in search results.

It is strongly advised that marketers keep up to date with algorithm improvements and changes to ensure their website content continues to appear in search results.

By keeping a close eye on website analytics, you can keep on top of any potential impacts caused by this update and apply improvements promptly to recoup any losses. We recommend getting in touch with your digital marketing agency to discuss any concerns or questions you may have in regards to this update.

What do to do if the update impacts your website?

If your website experiences a change in traffic or SERP rank, the best approach to take is to review your website content.

Google has outlined a list of criteria and guidelines in its core updates article. The article contains key elements to consider for SEOs, including content quality, level of expertise, quality of copy and uniqueness of content.

Creating online content with a high level of expertise, credibility, and authority will improve ranking in search and provide relevant and valuable information for your readers.

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