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Guiding Success with Jonette Brooking

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31st August 2023 in

This month, we sat down with Jonette Brooking, our Head of Client Success.

Jonette leads our account management team with a strong strategic focus, playing a key role in driving the success of the organisation by supporting team members and identifying new ways to grow and improve.

While her title reflects her commitment to Bonfire’s clients, Jonette’s role is equally as dedicated to the team she helms. “I have an open-door policy,” she says about an office without any literal doors. But this sense of approachability is Jonette’s ethos, and what she’s known for. Jonette’s approach to her role is an amalgamation of clear communication and affiliative leadership.

“There’s no ambiguity where I stand with my team,” Jonette says. She sets the pace, ensuring standards are not just met but surpassed. What remains paramount though, is ensuring workload distribution is both fair and feasible.

A testimony to her commitment is her readiness to step in and deliver personally. When required, she takes up the slack to ensure our clients are receiving the best possible service. She’s ever conscious of her team’s autonomy, though, being careful of never overshadowing their capabilities – only jumping back on the tools to make things better for her team.

Jonette sees her position not just as a title, but “as a privileged responsibility, navigating short-term challenges with an eye on long-term gains.” Pre-empting change, she ensures clients are looped in and prepared. This assurance builds trust; whatever the situation, solutions are never amiss.

Jonette isn’t just about ensuring client success; she’s about crafting a legacy of success, both for her team and the clients they serve. And this month’s Staff Award? Just another testament to her commitment to excellence.

Jonette, along with Bonfire’s Senior Digital Advisor, Evan Dela-Grammaticas, were both recognised for their outstanding achievements last month.

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