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How to Use AI to Navigate a Fiercely Competitive Market [Case Study]

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27th November 2023 in

Saturated markets demand innovative strategies, ruthless efficiency and lightning-quick decision-making. Newcomers hoping to establish themselves face these challenges just like any other brand but also lack the financial and community support of an existing client base. In the contested air conditioning market of Perth, our client was facing an uphill battle.

“The air conditioning market in Perth is competitive and dominated by a few very large players.” said Sarah Salameh, Bonfire’s SEO Manager. “We knew immediately that we wouldn’t be able to compete on the highest volume keywords.”

“Our challenge was to discover pockets of opportunity for our client, who had a new website and limited brand visibility, that would allow them to establish a foothold in the industry. Using a combination of quantitative research and Generative AI (Gen AI), we developed an organic search strategy that leveraged hyper-local content capable of owning lower-volume, high-intent keywords.”

Our Approach to Contesting a Competitive Market

Our client’s goal was to double their leads and rapidly expand their market presence.

“We’re taking a two-pronged approach.” Our Account Manager, Samuel Marshall, said of addressing this challenge, “The first approach was to start ranking for location-based terms to generate leads quickly. The second stage involves generating traffic from product-related branded search terms.”

“So far we’ve created a hyper-local location strategy for the client.” Sarah said, “We zeroed in on their operational areas and devoted all our resources to creating engaging, SEO-optimised pages for each suburb.”

By creating 15 web pages with location-specific content, our client could appear on Google for terms such as ‘air conditioning [Suburb Name]’ or ‘air conditioning service [Suburb Name]’, avoiding competitive search terms and signalling hyper-relevance for local searchers.

How to Leverage Generative AI for SEO

The Bonfire team has been exploring Gen AI applications since early 2023. Creating 15 web pages of SEO-optimised content can take several months. Time is needed for in-depth consultation, research, content drafting, SEO tweaks and web page design. With Gen AI at our disposal, we were able to streamline this process and complete this project in a single month.

Our Content Specialist, Caitlin Willing, who was the technician for this project reflected on this acceleration, “[With Gen AI] we no longer have to start from a blank page. We define our requirements, set the parameters and then instantly produce a draft that’s halfway to the finishing line.”

Our use of Generative AI on this project followed five steps:

  1. Pinpoint specific keywords.
  2. Designate suburbs or service areas.
  3. Deploy Gen AI for initial content sketches.
  4. Manually fine-tune for style, voice, SEO relevance, accuracy, appropriateness and overall quality.
  5. Integrate these pages into the client’s website.

Producing SEO-ready content for our client wasn’t as simple as typing in a command and copy-and-pasting the result, though; the strength and accuracy of the prompts input were key.

“The prompts you use profoundly shape the output’s quality. We invested considerable effort into nailing down the right prompts for this project.” Sarah said.

“The initial setup and planning were certainly labour-intensive, but by the time we got to the third or fourth page of content, our processes were running like a well-oiled machine, and we were getting brilliant results from our workflow.”

The Results

After two months of the new location pages going live, all 15 are ranking on the first or second page of Google for location-specific keywords. These pages have been directly involved in 19.5% of all conversions since they were launched.

On top of that, between June and October 2023, organic website sessions grew by 32%, and 92% of all conversions came from new users (people who had previously never visited the client’s website).

As traffic continues to improve, our team is now switching attention to product-related landing pages and expects a similar boost to overall traffic and conversions as a result.

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