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LinkedIn’s State of Sales Report 2020

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21st September 2020 in

In sales, the only constant is change.

COVID has changed certain aspects of selling in Australia, leaving sales professionals concerned about the potential impact of the coronavirus in the future.

In LinkedIn’s annual State of Sales Report, they surveyed 1,000 buyers and sellers in Australia to uncover key emerging and enduring trends. The report also looks into insights about how sales teams can rebuild their economic stability by following these trends.

Key enduring trends covered are:

Long-term metrics are stepping to the forefront

Understanding data and analytics is an increasingly important tool for survival, and sales teams are embracing long-term metrics of sales success, such as customer satisfaction.

The data-driven sales org is on the rise

Sales teams are putting data to work before the sale. Data is increasingly crucial for businesses, and sales professionals must take greater control of how their organisations’ use it.

Sales technology is transforming into sales organisations

When face-to-face meetings are restricted, sales technology has increasingly moved to the forefront of how sales professionals strengthen existing relationships and begin to build new ones.

Trust gets deals done

Buyers want trust in the sales process but find it in short supply. For sales professionals, achieving trust with buyers is often the first step to getting deals done.

Building a sales team with the right skills is challenging

Problem solving is one of the top three skills that buyers in Australia prize most in salespeople, but managers are not prioritising this trait at the same rate in their hiring.

Top-performing salespeople do things differently

The report includes some important ways that top performers differ from their peers and what these insights mean for your sales team.

LinkedIn plays an expanded role for both buyers and sellers

The survey results show that both buyers and sellers are increasingly relying on LinkedIn in their day-to-day jobs.

Access the full report here: LinkedIn’s State of Sales Report 2020: Australia

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