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Perth Skylite Co Set For a Busy Summer Thanks to SEO

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2nd May 2014 in

We love busy clients. You know why? Because it means the SEO campaigns we’re running for them are working.

Perth Skylite Co is one such client. Owner, Brian Goodwin, had two goals when delving into Digital Marketing with Bonfire.

  1. Attract a new generation of customers
  2. Increase bookings during quiet periods.

We’re happy to say that the combination of a new website and SEO campaign has been the catalyst behind a 30% increase in bookings. In fact, Brian is completely booked up in December, a notoriously quite month for installations.

  • Bookings have increased 30%
  • 8 keywords ranked on 1st page of Google
  • SEO drives 55% of website traffic
  • 60+ web enquiries since campaign launch

Well done to our SEO team.

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