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Power Your Marketing Strategy with SEO

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29th March 2021 in

Designing a marketing strategy in today’s digital landscape can be an overwhelming feat. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the key to long-lasting brand awareness, increased web traffic and successful lead conversion. This blog outlines five ways SEO can add value to your marketing strategy.

1. Integral to Great User Experience (UX)
The internet is designed for humanity. Therefore, it is important to factor overall user experience into your marketing strategy. Google algorithm changes are now designed to improve user experience. Great user experience can be achieved through several SEO tactics, including on-page content optimisation, mobile responsiveness, page speed, and backlink profile to deliver an engaging brand experience.

2. Strengthen and Solidify your Brand
Employing SEO in your strategy can significantly enhance your brand’s reach online. SEO efforts are primarily focused on building authority for your website domain resulting in higher SERP visibility. Managing an effective organic search channel can play a crucial role in funnelling potential audiences through to your site. Technical onsite SEO combined with a strong backlink profile strengthens and solidifies your brand’s overall online presence in the market. SEO tactics help inform content creation achieving higher SERP rank across specific topics positioning your business as an industry expert over time.

3. Long-term Success
SEO can directly contribute to your brand’s long-term success by consistently boosting your website traffic no matter the change in external factors. Effective SEO enhances tactical marketing executions by driving consistent organic web traffic and brand awareness which translates to online sales, form submissions, and in-store visits. Through this consistent and targeted approach, long-term SEO can drive substantial uplift to qualified lead generation and deliver strong Return on Investment (ROI).

4. Outrank your Competition
Building a strong online presence will help your brand to rank above your competition. Maintaining a high rank on SERP provides increased visibility and brand awareness to your target audience. SEO strategy involves an in-depth analysis of your competition as a way to position your brand as an industry leader for relevant informative and transactional search queries. Reviewing the competitive landscape can also reveal untapped submarkets in your industry where your brand can further expand its reach.

5. Targeted & Valuable Content
A strong SEO content strategy guides ideal consumers from search through to your targeted page content elevating your brand as an industry expert. Publishing relevant, clear and concise content that answers their query, fosters a strong relationship that encourages repeat visitors.

Choosing to invest in SEO drives long-term business growth whilst operating in a competitive digital landscape. Implementing SEO tactics will strengthen your marketing strategy by emphasising your online reach, improving customer experience, and enhance content development positioning your brand as an industry leader.

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