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Search Recap: AI technology, Google Lens and AR, Google Analytics 4 launch

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28th October 2020 in

Google has recently announced several significant improvements and changes during their latest Search On conference.

Google’s core focus for 2020 has been to improve overall user experience through the application of AI technologies. To break down the key insights from this month, we’ve created a list of five of the most significant updates.

1.Improving User Experience through the Refinement of AI

Since the application of the BERT update late last year, Google’s core goal has been to address the key improvements in using the ‘language understanding framework’. Recent changes to search experience have seen advanced spelling correction through a renewed deciphering ability.

Comparison of Google passages update on mobiles

A key change that impacts search and content marketers is the ability to index select parts of content or ‘passages’. This improvement enables users to receive a more accurate and relevant response to their query. Google has also proposed its intention to utilise its “applied neural nets” to better understand subtopics within web content such as ‘budget gym equipment’.

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2.Google Lens and AR and Video and Audio Experience

New additions to the Google’s AR experience have further promoted the worldwide shift towards a more visual and interactive search style.

The Google Lens tool has recently introduced a new ‘product discovery’ feature that enables a user to ‘long-hold’ on images to access rich data about the product showcased. An update of this nature encourages a more simplified and natural shopping experience whilst browsing online.

Animation of Google Shopping update

AI technology advancements have enabled better watching experiences with the ability to tag key moments in the form of ‘in this video’ chapters. This feature implemented late last year is expected to account for 10 percent of overall searches by the end of 2020.

Other important updates to note are the,

  • introduction of Google review requests to users who have recently made an online purchase,
  • hum-to-search feature through the Google App that enables users to sing or hum a melody to search,
  • improved translation tool that understands more than 100 languages both written and verbal,
  • experimentation of AR model search in US with top auto brands such as Volvo and Porsche.

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3.Google Analytics 4 Launch

An exciting shift has taken place in the way that Google captures data and behaviours applied to a customer journey framework. Formerly named ‘App + Web’, Google has announced it will be transitioning to what has now been titled ‘Google Analytics 4’. Google is urgently recommending all businesses who are not currently using this version of Analytics to begin the move as all future advancements will only be accessible via this new default property setting.

Recent updates in this new version include improved integrations with Google Ads and YouTube conversion tracking with a focus on customer-centric measurements.

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4.Core Update: Indexing Issues & BERT updates

Since its implementation just over a year ago, the BERT algorithm capability is now a major part of everyday search. This update is largely impactful to everyday users as it enables Google to better understand web content and how best to respond to a query.

There has been an increase in concern within the search marketing industry in relation to recent indexing issues. We are happy to report that Google have announced these issues have largely been resolved as of 14 October 2020 with a remaining 1% of issues to be addressed within the week.

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