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Search Recap: BERT Algorithm Update, YouTube Seasonal Shopping Ads and More

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29th November 2019 in

With the end of the year quickly approaching, the search marketing landscape shows no signs of slowing down. From a substantial algorithm update to helpful new features for both marketers and users, there’s a lot to keep up with.

To help you stay focused on what’s important and ensure you remain at the top of your game even during the busy festive period, here are five key takeaways from November.

1. Seasonal “Shopping” Ads on YouTube
In time for the holidays, YouTube is debuting “Shopping” ads that will appear in its home feed and search results. Ads will be shown based on previous Google Search activity and target users already interested in a specific product. The horizontal ads will feature a scrollable catalogue of product images from participating brands and retailers, including official launch partner Puma.

Find out more here.

2. Buying Tickets with Google Assistant
Using Duplex, Google’s AI-powered reservation system, Google Assistant can now purchase tickets and make bookings for users. Dubbed “Duplex on the web,”, this further expands upon its ability to make restaurant reservations.

Currently, Android users in the U.S. and U.K. can ask Assistant to search for movie showtimes and be led through a simple process to buy tickets. Payment is then made via a saved card in Chrome. This is yet another way to keep users on Google while improving the consumer experience.

Get to know more here.

3. Search Console Displaying Product Rich Results
Google Search Console is now showing performance reports for product rich results in Search. Useful statistics including total clicks, impressions, CTR and average position can be found in a new Search Appearance tab.

Product rich results display helpful information to shoppers, such as product descriptions, price and current availability. This new data can be segmented to give business owners more in-depth insights into the impact of these results over time.

Discover more here.


4. Google Reveals New BERT Algorithm Update
One of Google’s most significant updates in the past five years caused a lot of stir early in the month. The new algorithm called BERT uses natural language processing to understand searches in a more human way. Search can now comprehend complicated queries and determine the context and connections of words to show users more relevant results.

How can businesses and marketers benefit from this algorithm update? Read more about BERT on our blog.

5. Using Images to Increase Search Visibility
With the shift towards mobile search continuing, images are crucial for search visibility. Although unique, high-quality photos are important, there is more you can do to ensure your images and content are discoverable. By using detailed meta descriptions and practising basic image SEO, you’ll have a better chance at creating a visual search snippet that will increase your organic CTR.

Learn more about using images to improve search visibility here.

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