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Search Recap: Google Algorithm Updates, Instagram Shopping Checkout, Google Ads Policy Manager and More

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29th March 2019 in

From Google’s new broad core algorithm to Instagram’s game-changing in-app checkout feature, recently there have been many useful updates in the digital marketing space.

As usual, Bonfire has you covered with a quick recap of the most important new releases and updates. Here are four things to know from to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Google Confirms Broad Core Search Algorithm Update
The release of a broad core search algorithm update was confirmed by Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan on March 12. While the exact changes aren’t yet clear, we know that there are several of these updates to the search ranking algorithms each year.

Google’s advice regarding broad core updates remains the same, with the company reiterating that there’s no fix for declining page rankings. If you’ve noticed a change in your rankings, this update may be the cause. Learn more here.

2. Google My Business Updates Onboarding Process
Google My Business is helping page managers get started with a new onboarding process. As of March 1, users are prompted to select up to six goals, from responding to customers to promoting their business online. Google then returns a personalised plan and a list of actionable items most suited to reach these goals.

This a helpful, user-friendly walkthrough for first time GMB users, though experienced users may find value from the action plans too. Read more here.

3. Instagram Launches In-App Shopping Checkout
Checkout with Instagram launched in the U.S. on March 19, allowing users to make product purchases without leaving the app. A select number of brands are now able to sell directly through Instagram, making it simpler than ever for consumers to shop online.

Previously, Instagram’s product tags would redirect users to a brand’s website to make a purchase. In place of the ‘View on Website’ prompt, a new ‘Checkout’ option will appear. After a customer’s first purchase, their name, email, shipping address and billing information are saved, meaning these details only need to be filled out once.

This feature is huge for social media marketing. It will be easier for managers to measure results and see the exact number of sales a single post generates. Find out more here.

4. Google Ads Introduces Useful Policy Manager
Google Ads is introducing an improved way to manage ads removed for policy violations. Through the new policy manager in the tools table, users can view all policy issues, including ad restrictions and extensions.

Google is also adding real-time feedback and policy violation detection during ad creation, as well as recommendations to fix disapproved ads. This will help users immediately appeal ad disapprovals and correct any issues before submitting. These changes will begin appearing in April. Until then, you can learn more here.

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