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Search Recap: Google Shoppable Image Ads, Exact Match Variants Expanded, Call Reporting simplified plus more

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21st September 2018 in

September has seen some exciting announcements and developments in the search marketing world. From Shoppable Image Ads to Google approved review placements, there’s plenty for Marketers and business owners alike to bookmark for the future or test out now.

To stay ahead of the digital marketing curve, it’s important to be informed. As usual, I’ve created a quick and helpful round-up of this month’s key search happenings and tools below.

1. Google Approves Third Party Website Reviews
Received an incredible customer review on a third-party site such as Yelp or Google Maps? Google has announced that its ok from an SEO point of view to share these reviews on your own website, so long as you avoid using the same review structured data. Learn more here.

2. Google Ads Expand Close Variants
Earlier this month, Google announced a change to exact match keywords in search. Now variations of a keyword that share the same meaning as the exact keyword, including words and paraphrases, will trigger your ad to appear. This development just shows how much machine learning has evolved. Find out more here.

3. Shoppable Image Ads Announced
One-third of shoppers search for images before they purchase. To streamline the consumer experience and enable a seamlessly purchase journey, Google has announced plans to introduce new Shoppable Image Ads. These ads will enable advertisers to show shoppable images on publisher websites, the perfect opportunity to be seen by their target audience. Learn more here.

4. Call Reporting Available on Google Ads
Advertisers can now turn on all call reporting with a single click at the account level of Google Ads. The previous method meant that call reporting had to be enabled for each individual call extension and call-only ad which was very time-consuming. This new feature is completely optional and not turned on by default, leaving control in your hands. Discover more here.

5. Google Data Studio Available to All
The wait is over – Google’s Data Studio is officially available to everyone. A free reporting and data visualisation platform, Data Studio is integrated with Google’s Marketing Platform (formerly DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360) and includes exciting features such as the ability to combine data from multiple sources (e.g. Google Analytics and Search Ads 360) into a single chart or table with data blending. Find out more here.

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