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Search Recap: Google’s new “Search Appearance” filter, “More Results” button and more

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7th May 2018 in

Feeling overwhelmed by the barrage of search marketing news and updates? Catch up on the changes that matter and their implications for your business with our monthly search recap blog.

This month, I look at Google’s broad core algorithm update, the new Search Console “Search Appearance” filter, the rollout of the “More Results” button and mobile first indexing notifications.

1. Google confirms broad core algorithm update

Last month, Google confirmed another broad core algorithm update occurred as part of their ongoing efforts to improve search results. The update caused some website rankings to increase or decrease but Google said there is nothing sites can do to correct their rankings except to focus on improving their overall site quality. Has your site been affected?

Learn more about the update here.

2. Google Search Console adds a new “Search Appearance” filter

You can now filter your Search Performance reports by “Search Appearance” in the new Google Search Console. This new feature allows you to compare rich results, AMP non-rich results, AMP articles, job listings and job details. Google have also added an export option on the validation details page, a great benefit for marketers.

See the filter in action here.

3. Google launches “More results” button and displays ads underneath organic search results

Google has officially rolled out a “more results” button which allows searchers to dynamically load additional search results without having to click the next button, creating an easier and faster user experience on mobile. This change means that relevant ads will now appear underneath organic search results. What are your thoughts?

Read more about the changes here.

4. Google sends Mobile First Indexing notifications

Checked your inbox recently? Google has begun officially notifying site owners when their sites have been changed over to mobile first indexing. This means sites which have been switched can expect an increase in traffic from the mobile version of Google smartphone and search results to display the mobile version of their site.

Learn more about the notification here, or about mobile first indexing here.

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