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Search Recap: New Google Ads Targeting Options, Google Smart Shopping Location Targeting and More

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23rd October 2019 in

As usual, Google has unveiled a few updates this month that online marketers will want to keep an eye on. Paying attention to these new features and changes ensures you can adjust your search marketing strategy as early as possible to achieve the best results for your business.

Here are four new search updates to be aware of this October.

1. Google Ads Introduces Affinity Audiences and Seasonal Event Segments
In the coming weeks, Google Ads is unveiling two new targeting options for marketers and advertisers – affinity audiences and seasonal event segments.

With affinity audiences, advertisers can add additional audience layers to target users who show a strong, demonstrated interest in a specific topic or lifestyle. Combined with existing keywords, this tool helps businesses further define and attract their ideal customer.

To prepare for the upcoming holiday season, Google Ads is also launching seasonal event segments for in-market audiences on Search and YouTube. Marketers can use this method to attract shoppers already researching for a product or service and target them with relevant, timely offers.

Learn more here.

2. Location Targeting for Google Smart Shopping Campaigns is Now Available
Today, advertisers can control location targeting in Google Smart Shopping campaigns, with the new option of narrowing and excluding certain regions. Before, all countries and territories were targeted by default.

The Geographic Report tab provides a performance report by country for past Smart Shopping campaigns and will give you an insight into whether you need to adjust your targeted location in future campaigns.

Find out more here.

3. Google Tests “Search by Photos” Option
Google is testing a “search by photos” interface for location-specific searches on mobile devices. Initially picked up by Mike Blumenthal, this box shows up in no fixed position and only for certain categories, appearing either above or below the Local Pack listings and organic search results.

Images are accompanied by a star rating and the distance of the business from the user. Clicking on any photo brings up the connected Google My Business page.

While it’s not yet known how permanent this feature is, it’s a good reminder for local businesses to optimise images and showcase each product or service with relevant, professional imagery.

Discover more here.

4. Google Search Console Adds New Reports for Video Search Results
Google Search Console now has two new reports to provide more performance data about video search results.

The Video Enhancement report shows errors and warnings to help marketers and business owners improve video markup. Meanwhile, the Video Appearances in Performance Report shows how video content is performing in both search results and the Discover feed.

Get to know more here.

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