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Search Recap: Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention, Google My Business Changes Plus More

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26th March 2020 in

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed a lot. For businesses, the current climate is an opportunity to be agile and adapt your approach to digital marketing.

While your brand adjusts to the new normal, here are four helpful search marketing updates to keep in mind.

1. Google introduces new Event Schema Markup
Has your event been cancelled, postponed or moved to an online format? Good news for marketers, Google has rolled out several new types of event schema including ‘eventStatus’. This will allow businesses to appear for searches related to the status of an event, instead of dropping off results completely. Discover how here.

2. Google My Business Feature Changes
Last week, Google announced it would temporarily limit or remove some key features from Google My Business including reviews, new listings and edits to business information. The changes aim to ensure all information is valid and prioritise organisations offering critical, health-related services. Learn more here.

3. Bing Supports SpecialAnnouncement Schema Markup
Bing has introduced a new SpecialAnnouncement schema markup for Government websites, businesses, hospitals and schools. This will ensure COVID-19 related updates, including any pages related to your company’s approach, are easily found in search results. Find out more here.

4. Safari says goodbye to third party cookies
It’s official, Apple has announced that Safari is now completely blocking third party cookies using its Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature. This means businesses will no longer be able to target Safari users in remarketing campaigns or track their online journey using Google Analytics. Learn more here.

Have you implemented any of these updates in your business?

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