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SEO Tool Update: Google Search Console

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28th June 2019 in

On the 10th of June, the Google Webmasters Twitter account announced a slight but helpful change to the Google Search Console performance report.

The report overview page now shows 90 days of Search result and Discover data by default. Previously, the default time range displayed only 28 days of data.

While this change may seem small, allowing digital marketers and business owners to see more data at once is not only more convenient but more useful too. Now you can quickly identify SEO patterns to better understand how your site is performing over longer periods of time.

If you haven’t been utilising Google Search Console to its full potential, here are a few ways you can use this free, powerful tool to improve your brand’s visibility online.

1. Optimise keywords
It’s always helpful to know exactly what’s attracting people to your site. Search Console can show you the most frequently used terms and keywords that searchers are using to find and click on your content.

With this knowledge, you can not only optimise your pages and increase click through rates, but create a better user experience in general.

2. Speed up accurate indexing
While changes made to your site can take weeks to be discovered by Google’s Search Index, edits made using Search Console are indexed immediately.

One great feature is the ability to remove specific URLs from search results. This prevents people from seeing outdated content or broken links to pages that have been removed.

3. Get rich results
Your pages may be showing up in search results, but are they making it into the rich results? Rich cards and snippets allow your content to feature more prominently on the results page, providing people with a broader range of information at once.

Search Console provides you with a report on how your content is appearing. If any errors are occurring, the report will bring these to your attention and show you how to correct the issues.

4. Ensure your site is mobile-friendly
Following last year’s big Mobile-First Index rollout, it’s no secret that businesses need mobile-friendly websites.

Google Search Console is a useful tool for making sure your site pages are responsive on mobile devices. If mobile users are experiencing slow loading speeds or glitches, Search Console informs you so you can correct any issues right away.

Search Console also identifies and flags any areas that are not compliant with the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) framework.

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