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The Benefits and Limits of Gen AI for SEO Content Creation

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20th September 2023 in

Generative AI and the way it automates tasks is having a notable impact on content creation for SEO. According to a report by Search Engine Journal, 80% of SEO professionals say Generative AI has impacted their strategies. Leveraging this new technology comes down to understanding its benefits and limitations, and how they apply to your organisation.

Generative AI (Gen AI) can create SEO content rapidly and at scale. While it isn’t without limitations, it can still be an effective tool to help marketers reach their content goals. By embracing Gen AI, marketers and businesses can efficiently create content, free up time for strategic thinking and deliver significant ROI.

The benefits of Generative AI for SEO content creation

The value of Gen AI lies in its ability to generate content from a simple prompt. One well-written question can generate a complete piece of SEO content. Here are the most significant benefits of using AI for SEO content creation:

  • Rapid content generation. Gen AI produces content in a fraction of the time it takes a person to manually write it, so marketers can focus more of their time on high-level thinking and less on first drafts.
  • Range of ideas. With Gen AI, ideas are easy to develop and finding gaps in content becomes simple. This results in the creation of unique content that satisfies user intent.
  • Data-driven insights. You can also use Gen AI to analyse everything from search engine data to website analytics, then use those insights to predict trends and create relevant content.
  • Scalability. Gen AI excels at creating content at scale. Give it a set of parameters, and it will produce as many versions of content as you need with minimal effort.
  • Enhancing human creativity. When the burden of first drafts and initial ideation is removed, the people behind content creation can spend more time thinking creatively and delivering on strategy.

Gen AI isn’t simply a technology to automate human processes. It’s a collaborative tool that takes care of laborious aspects of content creation while leaving room for human ingenuity and nuance. Incorporating Gen AI into your SEO strategies encourages better processes, more focus on quality and a mindset for staying ahead of the curve.

The limitations of Generative AI for SEO content creation

Gen AI does have limitations. Awareness of them ensures we use Gen AI effectively. Here’s where Generative AI falls short:

  • Lack of personality. Gen AI struggles to capture the nuances of human language, including tone and emotions. This sometimes results in content that feels impersonal and generic.
  • High skill requirements. A common challenge with Gen AI is getting it to understand what you want. Therefore, a high level of prompting skill is required to get the most out of Gen AI tools.
  • Accuracy and plagiarism. Since Gen AI draws from a huge database of existing content to construct its outputs, your generated content can be potentially inaccurate or entirely plagiarised to a level where it harms your SEO.

It’s important to recognise that, while powerful, Gen AI isn’t a silver bullet for content creation. Human control is necessary to ensure quality and effectiveness.

Embracing Generative AI

Gen AI has become an essential tool for businesses to understand and embrace. It can dramatically speed up our processes and make more time for the thing that matters most—creating high-quality, search engine optimised content. The businesses that leverage Gen AI now will be the ones who reach their customers, rank well in search engines and generate an impressive ROI.

Whether you need content created from scratch or your own AI-generated content optimised by experts, we’ll make sure your content ranks and converts. Speak to one of our digital advisors by calling 1800 750 204 or filling out our contact form.

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