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What’s the State of Your Social?

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18th October 2022 in

Back for its fifth year, State of Social ‘22 went bigger and better with Bonfire by their side. Held at Optus Stadium on the 23rd and 24th of August, Perth put on the weather for all of the speakers who flew in from over east and overseas.  

This year’s theme was “What’s your MVP?” which encouraged everyone to evaluate what contributes to marketing success whilst gaining valuable insights from industry leaders. If you missed it, here’s the top things: 

Day 1  

  • Vincenzo Landino talked F1’s ‘Drive to Survive’ on Netflix and how it increased social media engagement by 99% and suggested that businesses with much smaller budgets can do the same with just an iPhone.  
  • Jennie Sager talked about how the need for human interaction keeps Nextdoor’s community of neighbours growing, while automated warnings triggered by controversial keywords and volunteer moderators creates safety. 
  • Corey Gale was a tour guide as he took listeners on a journey of how to encourage user generated content that relates to your brand’s unique selling propositions. The key is to reward your biggest contributors.  
  • Our very own Hayley Boneham shared her insights on how to create successful marketing campaigns. The key? Understand what motivates your consumers. Research such as surveys can help you understand why people buy from your brand over another. Marketing strategies should be shaped and backed by this data.  
  • Reddit’s David Ray spoke on the power passionate communities have to influence purchasing decisions because of real, trusted consumer reviews. Ray also suggested businesses should explore unconventional channels with tight-knit users to find new audiences.  

Day 2 

  • Aaron Matthews had an insightful talk on the power of audio marketing, detailing how deeply personalised podcast ads can be – especially altering the message in real time depending on the weather. 
  • Bonfire’s Johari Lanng discussed how data can make marketers more empathetic, with specific focus on users with visual impairments. Analysing the readability of your content and whether your website viewers use the zoom tool can be key to becoming more accessible.
  • Storyation’s Andrés López-Varela thinks that high-volume is better than high quality, but would you cull a whole channel? 
  • Erika McInerney answered everyone’s questions on how to produce good content. The answer? Know why your customers love your brand. 
  • Kyra Goodman from Sked Social shared her do’s and don’ts to create shortform videos *hint* don’t lip sync out of time or miss your cues! These simple things will put you in the same race as TikTok’s best. 

The State of Social conference brings some of Australia’s greatest marketing minds to Perth and gathers marketing professionals and aspiring marketers to learn from the best. Expect 2023 to be bigger and better! 

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