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Search Recap: Google Not-Secure Warnings, Mobile First Index & More.

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22nd September 2017 in

Keeping up with all the Search news and updates can be almost impossible. So, as Bonfire’s SEO Manager, I’m starting a new blog series on here to help you stay on top. In this first post of the series, I cover off why you need to make the switch to HTTPS before October, Mobile-First Index announcements, and more…

Here’s 5 of the top news stories from last month.

1. Google’s Not-Secure warnings are coming… 

October 2017 is the deadline announced by Google to make the switch from a not-secure HTTP website to a secure HTTPS website. The icon next to the URL in your browser will show you its current status:

Lock Secure, Info Info or Not secure, or Dangerous Not secure or Dangerous.

As we’ve done for all our clients, to avoid any potential decline in search rankings, we recommend installing an SSL Certificate (HTTPS) as soon as possible.

View our ‘HTTP to HTTPS Checklist’ here.

2. Google Search Console is getting a revamp…

Google confirmed they are testing a new ‘beta’ version of the Search Console – a tool used to monitor and maintain a website’s presence in Google. The enhanced interface aims to provide more actionable insights, better organisational workflow support and faster Google feedback loops. There’s more information on the update here.

3. The Mobile-First Index won’t launch until 2018…

The much anticipated launch of the MFI has now been delayed. With no set date in place, webmasters and businesses will at least be given plenty of time to make appropriate ‘mobile-friendly’ changes to their website.

4. Google Posts are live! 

This new Google My Business feature is now available. Create business offers, promotions and more. You can learn more about this here.

5. Updates from Bonfire’s SERP monitor…

There’s been no major spikes in the past 30 days, however we did see a small increase around the 19th/20th of August which lines up with some industry chatter.

If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to Tweet us @Bonfire_Digital or send us a message!

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