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Strategic, Digital Marketing Consultants

Big ideas and grand plans, but no strategy to execute them? The old adage of “failing to plan is a plan to fail” still stands true. The cornerstone of any solid digital marketing plan is the overarching strategy. It’s this tactic that cohesively ties channels and messaging in with business goals and your bottom line.

Providing fresh eyes over your current digital strategy, our Perth based SEO & digital marketing consultants will identify any holes or untapped opportunities to develop an effective and sustainable long-term digital marketing plan. We know that no two businesses are alike. Which means no two strategies should be either. Our tailored approach includes a no “one size fits all” attitude. This means we’ll delve into the heart of your business to understand your goals and objectives to deliver a customised plan.

Our Approach

There’s an overwhelming amount of digital marketing options available to businesses these days. Understanding which ones make sense for your company objectives takes knowledge gleaned from years of experience. Fortunately, our team of digital marketing consultants have been helping brands navigate the online landscape for over 20 years. Our unparalleled knowledge and skills can help determine the right course for your company’s digital direction.

Using our proprietary mix of artificial intelligence (AI) optimisation and analytic tools, we get to know your business to understand what you’re doing, your digital marketing goals and how you can improve. Once we know what you want to achieve, we can work together to develop a digital strategy to improve how to market your business online. With a strategy sorted, we can help you identify the best marketing tools and methods to execute it. Based off strategy performance, we’ll help ensure it evolves to secure engagement and conversions to grow your business.

Our Specialties

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO and SEM)

    SEM is a strategy crucial to every and all businesses. Be seen when it matters by those that matter, your customers. 
  • Website Optimisation

    Our Perth SEO consultants know the intricate nuances of what it takes to build a website that is SEO friendly and maximises website engagement and conversions.
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention

    As any business knows, it’s equally important to attract the right customer as it is to keep them loyal to your brand. 
  • Web Analytics and Online Behaviour

    Our depth of data is second to none. Except perhaps by our unique ability to interpret and create actionable insights as a result.
  • Mobile Marketing

    With Google’s Mobile-First Index, it’s imperative to think mobile-first now and in the future.
  • Online User Experience (UX) Design

    The better the user experience, the higher the website conversion rate.
  • Content Marketing

    Your website can’t just look pretty, it needs to have substance too. We know what it takes to attract and engage potential clients.
  • Social Media Advertising

    Strategy not shouting. Cultivate customer loyalty, build brand value and increase leads.

What we do is not our best practice, it simply is the best practice. At Bonfire, we set realistic client expectations upfront and our approach to Consulting delivers sustainable and desirable growth. Working together, we help our clients dominate online.

Industries We Service

  • Retail and E-Commerce

    We understand what makes an e-commerce strategy truly effective.
  • Medical

    The medical industry has a lot of nuances surrounding privacy and confidentiality. Bonfire has experience successfully navigating these.
  • Legal

    The care and ethics you take with your business should flow into your online strategy. Our team understand both.
  • Government

    We create proposals and respond to tenders in a way that enables government departments to understand their return on investment.
  • Utilities

    Working with brands, such as Water Corporation, means we understand the digital marketing needs of large-scale utilities.
  • Real Estate

    Real estate isn’t the only industry all about location, location, location. Be found when it matters most.
  • Technology

    Being an innovative technology company means your needs are constantly changing. Our team are experienced in creating strategies that adapt and evolve with you.
  • Finance

    We know you like numbers. We do too. In a heavily contested digital marketplace, Bonfire can create truly optimised campaigns that deliver on the business metrics that matter.
  • Beauty

    Beauty is no longer confined to magazines or in-stores. Understanding where your customers are spending their time and money online is vital. Our bespoke approach means your brand appears when they need you most.
  • Education

    We specialise in putting education providers front and centre so they attract the right pupils and parents.

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