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Evan Dispels Digital Marketing Myths For Australasian Paint & Panel Readers

Posted on 8th Oct, 2014 by

Digital Marketing is still a relatively new area in Marketing and for many small and medium business owners it’s unchartered waters. Scary, murky waters at that.

Because of this, there are often misconceptions around the Digital Marketing space that are unfortunately taken as gospel.

In his role of contributor to the Australasian Paint & Panel magazine, our Business Development Executive, Evan Dela-Grammaticas, recently dispelled some of these misconceptions.

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Evan Discusses Digital Marketing Opportunities With Australasian Paint & Panel

Posted on 14th Aug, 2014 by

Each time you buy a lottery ticket you’re playing the ‘What If” game, as you ask yourself “what if I’m holding the winning ticket?”

There’s a good chance you’re playing this same game with your own business. Have  you ever asked yourself the question “What if there was a way that my business could reach more people?” ? We’re sure you have. It’s a common question for any business owner.

Our Business Development Executive, Evan Dela-Grammaticas, recently played the “What If” game with readers of Australasian Paint & Panel magazine. Also, sharing some advice for getting started in Digital Marketing.

You can read the full article here:


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