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Hanging With the Agency Big Boys in Campaign Brief

Posted on 2nd Nov, 2014 by

We’re pretty excited here at Bonfire.

Our “This Billboard” campaign has been featured in this month’s edition of Campaign Brief magazine.

We worked with branding agency, Meerkats, on the campaign and their copywriter, Emil Cholich shared with Campaign Brief the idea behind the campaign and the fantastic results achieved.

As a result of this feature, we’re now hanging with some of Perth’s biggest and best creative agencies on The West Creative League Table and we received some kind words from 303Lowe’s Derry Simpson.

We’re pretty chuffed to have been recognised by our industry colleagues for all of the hard work we put into the campaign.


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A Client With a Twist

Posted on 10th Sep, 2014 by

We were recently approached by a potential client wanting to become “famous”. He knows that getting online will help achieve this goal and he wanted our help.

This isn’t just a typical client either… he’s a billboard!

Specifically, “This Billboard“. You know the one… on Stirling Highway along the railway line near Mosman Park.

“This Billboard” needed a web presence worthy of an iconic billboard – so www.thisbillboard.com.au was created. He’s also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Our team now have him ranking #1 on Google for “This Billboard” and his popularity is growing day by day.

Client meetings have been interesting… Clay has been out to visit him a few times already.


We’ll keep you posted on his journey to becoming the most famous billboard in Perth; if not worldwide. His ultimate dream is to become more popular than all of those billboards in New York’s Times Square. It’s quite the challenge, but we’re up for it. Bring it on!!





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