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So you saw our Billboard on Stirling Hwy? Or Perhaps you saw "This Billboard"s profile on Facebook. Or maybe you've started following his tweets via @thisbillboard....

No matter how you’ve found him – you’ve stumbled upon our Billboard campaign. So why are we promoting “This Billboard”?

We’re a Perth based digital agency! And we like to do things a little differently to other agencies. We like to go the extra mile and do things better!

Rather than prove what we can do through boring, conventional marketing guff, or “same same” case studies – we thought we’d turn things up a little. If we could make a Billboard famous, imagine what we could do for your business.

So “This Billboard”, a lonely APN Billboard on Stirling Highway was born… and behind it one of the most exciting integrated digital campaigns we’ve ever run.

  • + He wanted to be found, uncovered, explored, followed, more successful and ultimately FAMOUS!
  • + “This Billboard” needed a web presence worthy of an iconic billboard – so was created
  • + We’ve got him ranking #1 on Google for “This Billboard” so people could find him
  • + You can’t be famous without a twitter account – say hello @thisbillboard
  • + And all those fans needed somewhere to become a fan – so was rolled out
  • + How was he going to share all his happy snaps – so we launched his instagram campaign
  • + We even set him up on Tinder, cause successful advertising is sexy!
  • + And ultimately – he wants to be a more effective Billboard, so he’s been growing his network on Linkedin.

The campaign is still going, and going strong! Since launch we not only have him ranking for this billboard, but also a number of related terms like BONFIRE billboard, Stirling highway billboard and more. So check back here and we’ll keep you posted on the progress of “This Billboard” ‘s marketing campaign.

Campaign results
Multiple #1 rankings in Google including ‘this billboard’
1379 website visitors in just 15 days
50,000+ Facebook page impressions
59 mentions on Twitter
Twitter interactions with many Perth celebrities
Mentioned on 92.9 breakfast show
Mumbrella wrote an article about him
Have a look at the website we built him

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