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Ever wished there was one really experienced team that could manage the whole, multi-faceted search engine marketing for you? A team that can help you dominate Google’s rankings, generate loads of qualified website traffic and then seamlessly convert it into sales. Well, that’s us. Find out why we are Australia's leading search engine marketing agency.

Bonfire is Australia’s leading Search Engine Marketing Agency offering Search Engine Marketing Services


Want to leapfrog the competition on Google?

Search engine optimisation (or SEO) is central to most online advertising strategies. It’s certainly central to our search engine marketing services. Find out why Bonfire is the trusted search engine marketing agency for Perth growth businesses.

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What if you could keep promoting your brand and products to visitors after they’ve left your website? Not only an invaluable branding exercise, but a sure fire way to improve the conversion of all your search marketing efforts, both online and off.

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Social Media

Strategic advertising, not shouting.

Our Facebook advertising service develops advertising campaigns that not only connect your audience with your brand, but also drive real business growth.

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Is your digital marketing all ideas and tactics, but no direction? Our consulting service will give you access to some of the most experienced and successful Digital Marketing minds in Australia. Learn about our consulting services.

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Our Process

Experience tells us that the fastest, most sustainable results come from a big-picture approach. That extends from the time we take to understand your business, goals and industry, through to:

  • We talk We talk Or to be precise, we ask questions and you talk. Questions about your business, your products, your brand, your competitors, your plans for world domination. Everything.
  • We plan. We plan Short term. Medium term. Long term. We suggest salient strategies and tailored tactics that will get you from Point A (where you are) to Point B, then Point C, D, E…
  • We get busy. We get busy Armed with a clearly defined plan, we execute it. Then we monitor the results as keenly as we listened to your story and brief.
  • We do it all over again. We do it all over again We review the results, together. We reappraise your position, together. We refine our approach, together. And we evolve. Together.

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