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Social Media Advertising

Strategic advertising, not shouting.

For any business, Social Media Advertising can be one of the best tools in your marketing mix or your worst nightmare. With the right approach, it can catapult your business’s success by cultivating customer loyalty, building brand value and increasing lead acquisition. Or so it should – if it’s planned and executed properly. Bonfire specialises in paid advertising on Australia’s most popular social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We leverage our intimate understanding of how to generate meaningful engagement through Social Media Advertising, and how it fits within the multi-channel consumer journey, to successfully achieve your business objectives.

Our Approach

The most effective, cut-through Social Media Advertising strategies are founded on comprehensive research and analysis. We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to engaging with your audience on social media platforms. Understanding your target market, and their key demographic and behavioural traits is crucial to obtain a clear view of their persona and how best to connect with them on Social Media.

Bonfire works closely with clients to develop segmented audiences based on their stage within the consumer journey. Once these have been identified, we develop targeted campaigns that include relevant messaging and creative to engage with these potential customers. Our Perth based social media team continually monitor the key metrics of your campaigns to ensure they are aligned with agreed KPIs and refine campaigns accordingly. The key to delivering on your business goals is a clear understanding of desired outcomes.

Our Specialties

  • Target Audiences

    We research your products and customer database to determine the ideal target audience.
  • Best-Practice Optimisation

    Staying informed of platform updates and using industry leading techniques enables us to increase leads and decrease costs. 
  • Creative and Messaging

    We work with you to utilise existing branding elements and promotional messaging to develop powerful ad copy that converts.
  • Advanced Reporting Techniques

    Using the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics tracking we can measure the performance of your campaigns.
  • Multivariate Ad Testing

    We combine multiple variables to create dynamic ad content which serves the best performing ads to the right people.
  • Fearless Experimentation

    Our team are constantly testing ad copy, keywords, landing pages, and bidding models to optimise every marketing budget.
  • Machine Learning

    We utilise a combination of Facebook and LinkedIn’s audience targeting and dynamic messaging to efficiently meet campaign objectives.
  • ROI Based Reporting

    Sophisticated analytics which provides transparency on advertising campaigns that produce real bottom line value

What we do is not our best practice, it simply is the best practice. At Bonfire, we set realistic client expectations upfront and our approach to Social Media Advertising delivers sustainable and desirable growth. Working together, we help our clients dominate online.

Industries We Service

  • Retail and E-Commerce

    We understand what makes an e-commerce strategy truly effective.
  • Medical

    The medical industry has a lot of nuances surrounding privacy and confidentiality. Bonfire has experience successfully navigating these.
  • Legal

    The care and ethics you take with your business should flow into your online strategy. Our team understand both.
  • Government

    We create proposals and respond to tenders in a way that enables government departments to understand their return on investment.
  • Utilities

    Working with brands, such as Water Corporation, means we understand the digital marketing needs of large-scale utilities.
  • Real Estate

    Real estate isn’t the only industry all about location, location, location. Be found when it matters most.
  • Technology

    Being an innovative technology company means your needs are constantly changing. Our team are experienced in creating strategies that adapt and evolve with you.
  • Finance

    We know you like numbers. We do too. In a heavily contested digital marketplace, Bonfire can create truly optimised campaigns that deliver on the business metrics that matter.
  • Beauty

    Beauty is no longer confined to magazines or in-stores. Understanding where your customers are spending their time and money online is vital. Our bespoke approach means your brand appears when they need you most.
  • Education

    We specialise in putting education providers front and centre so they attract the right pupils and parents.

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